Featured Speaker in The Wellness Story documentary by Dr Lana Marconi 

Watch it on vimeo here

This 115 minute Canadian-produced health documentary from filmmaker Lana Marconi, Ph.D., integrates the voices of 29 renowned health professionals, including Dr. John Demartini from THE SECRET movie and Canadian Fitness Professional Shannon Leroux, and is in response to the rising, out-of-control disease statistics in Canada and worldwide.

By joining forces, one powerful voice is created that sends an uplifting message to humanity and that is: You can take control of your own health in all life areas, and by the way, here’s how to do it, naturally. Enrich your life today by discovering all good things about wellness such as what foods to eat, what exercises to choose, how to create loving relationships, how to heal diseases, why meditation is a powerful tool, how to be fulfilled at work and what it means to create real wealth.

Truly, an integration of the mind, body, and spirit told in an uplifting story. Together, we can reclaim our health, our power, and our lives.  Watch it today!

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