Transforming Fear into Action

May 2020
Debra Jones

When thinking of a topic to write about this month, I thought I'd try something different.  I decided to trust Spirit to guide me and I would share the process with you.

I sat in meditation and asked for the topic.  This is what came through and I wrote without knowing what the next words would be.  I chose to trust myself and the process. So here it is:

I believe that we create our own reality.  But, why would we create the current global situation, you may ask.  Let me share what I think...

Mother Earth ALWAYS finds balance when left to her own path.

She has tolerated enough abuse and now she's reining in her children to teach us a new way of being; one that is life-affirming and sustainable.

At that point, a kingfisher landed on a branch in front of my window and attracted my attention with it's distinctive call:

My first thought was to reach for my Animal Spirit Guide book to read the written message, but instead, I chose to ask Kingfisher what he needed me to understand.

He said: Apply patience, determination and selectiveness/discernment, then take direct action.

Taking action often means pushing through old beliefs that hold you back in fear. Taking action means doing something different, walking towards the unknown.

For many, including me, fear can create inertia (paralysis, immobility.) We may want to move away from a challenging situation. We may desire to move towards something else, yet we are guided by our beliefs and fears about the negative things that could happen if we take that action. We allow fear to paralyze us.

HOWEVER - Your beliefs may not be yours.  They can be stories handed down to you by another. 

Beliefs are simply thoughts that we think over and over again. 

The good news is we can change our thoughts, and when we do, we can change our life!

We are not born fearful; we are born trusting.  Born trusting in ourselves and in the world.  If we learn that our basic needs are not being met, we respond to the instinctual fear of non-survival.  As babies, we cry to attract the attention of the source of what we need.  We learn that crying=needs met, so we create this belief and habit as a survival technique.  We hold onto this belief right into adulthood. (You can read more about ways to move beyond fight-flight-or freeze in my book The Successful Healer available at Amazon)

We learn to live with fear.  We invite it to stay, and it remains as a guest who takes over our house. No matter how uncomfortable this guest makes us feel, we allow it to stay. We let it drain us of our power. We don't question it's motives; we simply comply with its demands of us.

Now, if this was an actual house guest that took over your house and demanded that you accommodate them no matter what, you'd soon get angry and resentful.  Either you'd have them leave, or you would.  But this is happening in YOUR house, so leaving your own home isn't an option.  The only way to reach a successful outcome is if LOVE is invited to come and stay in your house too.

You can't kick fear out of your house, but you can change the rules of the game. 

You can change your expectations and lay down some new house rules that are more in alignment with the life you want to create for yourself.  Remember, you create your own reality with your choices and actions.

So how do you do that when you've spent years (maybe an entire lifetime) accommodating fear in a certain way? Fear feels like the enemy. It keeps standing in the way of you shining your bright light that has the potential to illuminate the world.

This was when I consulted one of my favourite books: The Chinese art of Winning.

It says that if I want to turn my enemies into friends, I need to:

Leave the net open on one side

Here's the strategy:

To keep yourself from harm it is better not to deprive others (fear) of the opportunity of self-development (it has a thing or two to learn about its behaviour) when pursuing your plans (taking back your power and creating harmony.) 

If they see that you do not want to rob them of their liberty they will meet you with respect and offer you their liberty with joy.  (Meaning: fear and you can live in joy and harmony with each other.)

So we CAN teach fear new tricks!

At this point, I'm guided to share this:

FYI - When I opened the animal medicine book, it opened on the exact page for Kingfisher (when these kinds of things happen, I know to trust the information that proceeds.)  This is the written message from Kingfisher (page 204):

  • You're yearning for a stretch of peace and quiet after a tumultuous, nerve-racking cycle
  • You're worrying a lot about money and how you're going to provide for yourself and your family
  • Your instinct says to go ahead with a project or a relationship, but you're feeling afraid to jump in
  • You're searching for new and stimulating opportunities to take advantage of, that will be both fun and prosperous

I don't know about you, but this was a perfect message for me to hear.

Teaching Fear New Tricks

Back to inviting love to come and stay with you and fear, in your house...

"Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudice and the acceptance of love back into our hearts."
- Marianne Williamson

Your fear-based mind has spent years trying to convince you it is the only place where you are safe. Everything in your life, including every thought that you think, every word that you speak, every action you take is ruled by either FEAR or LOVE.

In life, love and fear can be viewed as conflicting energies. When you become more conscious of which you are expressing as you go about your day, you learn to consciously direct your thoughts, beliefs and emotions toward love.

Why would you want to do that? Quite simply, love attracts more to love, and fear attracts more to fear. Because we create our own reality, what do we WANT to create?

Back to Kingfisher's message - Apply patience, determination and selectiveness/discernment, then take direct action. 

Patience - is the ability to wait. This skill can be achieved through meditation.  When you let go of time, expectation and judgement, and sit with an open heart and mind, the next steps will become clear. (If they're not, you haven't meditated long enough)

Determination - is moving towards a goal despite obstacles.  What do you want, where do you want to go, what do you want to do?  If the goal is meaningful to you, apply attention and focus towards achieving it, despite your fears.

Selectiveness/discernment - the ability to perceive or judge something well.  Fine-tuning your desires and weeding out the noise, the 'shoulds,' and the 'should nots.'

Take direct action - making the decision to move forward despite the detracting beliefs and fears, then actually doing something that supports your intention. Start with a statement as if you’ve already reached your goal: “I AM __________.” Feel, in your body, what it would feel like after achieving your goal.

This breaks the inertia and places you on a new path towards your desire.  From here, everything is a possibility - EVERYTHING!

Mother Earth shows us how to find balance in our lives. Let us care for and support her and she'll do the same for us. 

© Copyright Debra Jones