The Great Shamanic Initiation




The Great Shamanic Initiation
Personal Evolution & Instructor Workshop

$150 + HST per class

or $395 + HST All 3 classes

Usher in a new destiny for yourself and the world through life-changing ceremonies and ancient shamanic initiations.
Experience energetic transmissions to help transform your wounds and stories into sources of power and compassion.

There are four fundamental transmissions of the Munay-Ki.

  • The first awakens the seer within you, and the ability to see into the invisible world of energy and spirit.
  • The second awakens the healer within you, and also launches your personal healing journey.
  • The third consists of energetic protections that enable you to walk fearlessly and with beauty in the world.
  • The fourth connects you to a lineage of healers, Wisdomkeepers and Earthkeepers from the past – and the future – who will work with you and through you.

Receive the 9 Munay-Ki Rites and learn how they can support your spiritual awakening. Classes are experiential and include meditations and sacred ceremonies. Share these rites with your friends/family/clients and receive the resources to teach them.

We are now in a time of great transformation—from climate change to species extinctions to technological revolutions—and we have the opportunity to make a difference in the quality of human consciousness.

Become a part of the evolution of the human spirit and discover the unlimited power of healing in The Great Shamanic Initiation.


Classes are ongoing - email to arrange a different date.


5 hours 9am - 2pm

(bring lunch)


4 hours 9am - 1pm


4 hours 9am - 1pm

Includes a fire ceremony

9 OCT 2019
16 OCT 2019
23 OCT 2019


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The 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki


Rite One: Healer’s Rite

Connects you to a lineage of luminous healers from the past to assist you in your personal transformation, awakening the healing power so that everyone you touch is blessed. We access tremendous spiritual assistance; ancient healers who help heal the wounds of the past and of our ancestors.

Rite Two: Bands of Power

Five energy belts are woven into your luminous energy field (LEF) for protection. They act as filters, breaking down any negative energies that come toward you into one of the five elements, earth, air, fire, water and light, feeding your LEF instead of allowing those energies to make you sick.

Rite Three: Harmony Rite

A transmission of the seven Archetypes into the Chakras. First you receive the archetypes of serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle; next you receive three archangels: the Keeper of the Lower World (our unconscious), the Keeper of the Middle World (our waking world), and the Protector of the Upper World (our super-conscious).

Rite Four: Seer’s Rite

Pathways of light connect the visual cortex with the third eye and heart chakra. This awakens the inner seer and your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and Spirit.


Rite Five: Daykeeper’s Rite

You connect to a lineage of master healers from ancient times. Daykeepers can call on ancient altars to heal and bring balance to the earth, and on the sun to rise each day, bringing us into harmony with mother Earth. This rite helps you begin to heal your inner feminine, step beyond fear, and practice peace.

Rite Six: Wisdomkeeper’s Rite

You connect to a lineage of luminous beings from the past and the future. This rite helps you to begin to heal your inner masculine, step outside of time, and taste infinity.

Rite Seven: Earthkeeper’s Rite

This rite connects you to the archangels that are guardians of our solar system, stewards of all life on Earth. It lifts you from your earth-bound existence and sets your spirit free to begin your journey to the stars -beginning with the sun, our local star- so you may dream your world into being.


Rite Eight: Starkeeper’s Rite

This rite helps your physical body to evolve into Homo Luminous; the aging process is slowed down, your DNA is re-informed, and you become more resistant to disease. You accept the seat around a holy fire at the center of the Sun, a place that has been held for you since the beginning of time.

Rite Nine: Creator Rite

As it awakens the Creator-light within, this rite brings stewardship for all creation - from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies. Once you discover that Spirit not only works through you but AS YOU, and all of creation is happening inside you, the stewardship then becomes natural.

As you work with the germination of these rites you’ll be touched and blessed by angels. You simply need to open yourself to the wisdom of the Earthkeepers and all will be bestowed upon you.


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