Healing Spa

1-hr Holistic Healing 

For healing physical, mental & emotional issues.  Your session can help you find deep relaxation, healing, clarity and direction.

Perfect for: Physical Healing, Stress Reduction & Relaxation

2-hr Intensive Healing

A longer session is needed when dealing with complex emotional issues that require counsel, followed by energy re-balancing.

Perfect for:  Emotional & Spiritual Healing, Complex issues, Guidance & Direction

Distance Healing

If you can't get to the Healing Centre, wherever you are in the world, healing energy will find you.  I offer distance healing directly to you, in your own home.   I connect in with you energetically and will send my findings via email.  Occasionally I may need to call you during the session if I have questions.

  • Clear blockages in your energy field & life
  • Insight into what's in the way of being at peace
  • A new perspective on a situation
  • Clarity on your next step
  • Guidance and direction
Helping you find SOLUTIONS

Did You Know?

Most people feel better from a single session; many within the first ten minutes.  

However, the MOST benefit will come from a series of sessions as they build upon each other, strengthening your healing for SUSTAINABLE health in body, mind, and spirit.

'Debra Jones is a Teacher and Healer. Through axiatonal re-alignment, Debra was able to put me back on track and open my eyes to my truths.  Her ability to connect with me through my spiritual journey was nothing short of miraculous. I can attest to her good works and the trust she offered me in order to believe that I could "run" down my life path toward love, faith and hope. 

Thank you Debra ! I pray you continue to nurse injured and hurting souls from the blessings and gifts you have been given, for many, many years to come.' SB

'I feel really sure-footed about my goals.... You gave me awareness and understanding as to why I feel I must be ready, and to stay on the path I've chosen, and not through the destructive ego, but something much, much bigger; the truth, the true knowledge.... This awareness has affirmed why I am making my choices.  That tiny little positive voice is softly and firmly whispering in my ear..."hang on to your values, don't give up." Thanks again.' CR

'My Intuitive Direction & Guidance session with Debra Jones, was very accurate and powerful.  It confirmed where I am at, and where I need to focus to improve to be the best I can be.'  PB

Assisting end of life transition...

'He felt very supported by the positive energy that you generated together.  You are a special and talented woman and we are happy our paths have connected.  Blessings!' GG