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We believe that all healing comes from within. Our mind controls our body and when given the power to do so, it can heal anything.

Autonomy, mastery and purpose are needed if you are to take control of your life. You have hidden wisdom within that you will discover exactly when you need it the most.

YOU CAN heal yourself, and we can help.

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Online Courses (more coming soon)
Accessible. Convenient. Flexible. Open 24/7

Your healing journey is unique to you.
Your life experiences, knowledge learned, and wisdom gained combine to create who you are today.
You have hidden wisdom within that you will discover exactly when you need it the most.
Your higher-self has guided you here at the perfect time – just when you are open and ready to discover your hidden strengths.

These ONLINE courses are for personal discovery, self-awareness, deep healing, and self-actualization.

- Learn in your own time
- Work at your own pace
- Course support is available
- Lifetime access

Munay-Ki - A Quantum Leap

How can you heal the world when you, yourself, need healing? Mother Earth needs your help but for that to happen, you need to become a warrior. It's time to heal your wounds and stories and to turn them into wisdom and empowerment.

Experience energetic transmissions, guided meditations and sacred ceremonies and learn how they can support your spiritual awakening. The warrior-you can become an Earthkeeper, and your life, your legacy, will play an important part in the evolutionary TRANSFORMATION of humanity.

Awaken the healer within you and launch your personal healing journey. Are you ready to MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD?


Womb Blessing

A SACRED RITUAL for personal healing, generational healing (past and future) and for the healing of Mother Earth.

The Wombkeeper's rite is the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki. It is a womb blessing and an initiation to become a WOMBKEEPER. Not only for personal healing. this rite is healing for past and future generations.

It heals your feminine lineage by healing all wounding (past life, current and generational) returning original creative abilities back to your sacral chakra.

- Reactivate your feminine power
- Heal wounds and traumas of the past
- Restore natural balance of your creative centre
- Help heal Mother Earth

Once you receive it, you may pass it on to others. This strengthens the rite within you.


Practitioner Certification Classes

LIVE IN-PERSON at Debra Jones Healing Centre


Assistance for 5D Ascension & The Great Awakening.

Activate your lightbody and reconnect to the Universal grid using sacred geometry.

Expand consciousness, strengthen connection to Source, and gain clarity of purpose.


Reiki Training

Heal yourself and others. Practitioner certification from beginner to Reiki Master.

Restore & maintain your health, naturally. Stress reduction & relaxation at your fingertips.


Chakra Healing

Knowledge of the chakras is a pre-requisite for many healing modalities.

Discover the purpose of the chakras and how to clear and balance them for optimal health.


Signature Courses - COMING SOON

Designed by Debra Jones RM

I am.

Discover your unique gifts and talents. Realize your purpose. Align to your path.

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I heal.

Reveal the healer within and cultivate your empathic skills and intuition.

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I inspire.

Become a thought-leader. Collaborate with like-minds in an environment of support, love and trust.

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The Awakened Empath

Learn to master your empathic sensitivities and discover energetic tools to help you sense, clear and protect your energy.

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Student Reviews


Classes are perfectly coordinated and exceed your expectations. I have taken three classes and continue to be wowed by the experience.


I loved the course and thought it was a thousand-million times more interesting and educational than my previous experience years ago.


This was truly a wonderful class. I enjoyed it very much. This will be a big part of my practice from now on. Thank you so much Debra.


Debra is a fabulous practitioner who can help you affect amazing changes.


Debra, from the very moment I met you, I knew you were special. Congratulations for helping others on their journeys. Our loving creator chose a perfect Angel to help lead the way to Divine Consciousness. Namaste.