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Sacha Gendron

After significant health challenges, humbling life experiences and chronic physical pain, I went to see Debra to assist me in understanding my path. The astrology deepened an understanding of the purpose of my past experiences, why I am experiencing my currently reality, what skills I’ve been developing that can help me contribute to co-creating the world I desire to live in and be a part of, how I can live a meaningful life, what my exact skills/abilities/personality traits/what roles I excel best in, what I am designed to be doing, and clarity on my purpose.

She was very grounded and patiently listened to what I had to share, answering my questions without rushing. I now have a sense of inner peace and safety accompanied with the clear understanding of self which invited my joy back as I move forwards on my path.

No power struggle, no power-over moments, just a really genuine human who is exceptional at what they do, helping to acknowledge your gifts and talents, guide you towards reaching your full potential and living your most meaningful life.

By the end, I felt deeply connected to my inner guidance system with more confidence to trust in my ideas and inspiration. I told her my goals and current career plan and the back and forth was incredibly helpful. She is the only healer that I have felt completely comfortable with and she offered empowerment, allowing me to leave with more confidence than I brought in.

Her energy work removed my back pain and we discussed the pain in detail, leaving it clear to me how I can help myself going forwards. As someone who enjoys connecting people, it would be my hearts honour to help point you to Debra!

Theresa Cartier

My experience with Debra Jones Healing Centre was very positive, powerful and life changing. Debra is an amazing healer and she truly cares deeply and lovingly. I went with an open mind and heart to heal myself. Debra helped me tremendously and even now a year and a half later she is still helping me in my life. Because I heeded Debra’s advisement of needing to “stay on top of my health and get regular health checks” I pushed my doctor to do more testing after a scare with COVID and have since found out about an issue with my heart.

I truly believe Debra’s counsel has saved my life. If you’re looking for an energy healer where you will see results and who is compassionate, caring and committed to you; gift yourself a healing session with Debra. She is truly a beautiful Soul and a great healer!


Debra is a fabulous practitioner who can help you affect amazing changes.

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