Class Details

Reiki Level One
Practitioner Certification

One Day

$250 + HST

Spring 2020

Reiki Level Two
Practitioner Certification

One Day

$350 + HST

Reiki Master Certification

Two Day

$650 + HST

Spring 2020

Chakra Healing Practitioner Level One Certification

One Day

$250 + HST

Spring 2020

Chakra Healing Practitioner Level Two Certification

One Day

$350 + HST

Spring 2020

Chakra Healing Practitioner Level Three Certification

Coming Soon

Axiatonal Re-Alignment

One Day

$350 + HST

The Great Shamanic Initiation

3 Workshops

$150 + HST per class

$395 + HST all 3 classes

Spring 2020

  • Class #1 - 9am - 2pm (bring lunch)
  • Class #2 - 9am - 1pm
  • Class #3 - 9am - 1pm (outdoor fire ceremony - weather permitting)

Classes are ongoing

If no dates are listed - please inquire



Permanent attunement to the Reiki Ray. Once initiated, it allows you to channel Reiki energy for healing yourself and others. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

What Reiki is and how it works
Origins and history of Reiki
Chakras and Chakra meditation
Grounding and Grounding meditation
Reiki Attunement ceremony
Hand positions for self-treatment
Hand positions for treating others
Hands-on experience giving a complete treatment
Receive a Reiki treatment
Reiki Manual and all class materials are included.


Further attunement initiations and training to use appropriate Reiki symbols to increase the power from the Reiki Ray for distance healing and mental/emotional healing.

The Reiki II symbols and how to use them
Reiki II Attunement
Using Reiki for mental/emotional healing
Distance Healing
Creating sacred space for healing
Luminous Energy Field (the Aura)
Intention and methods of clearing energy
Hands-on experience
Reiki Manual and all class materials are included.


Attaining this level requires that you are confident and conscious on your healing path. The designation of Reiki Master is an honour. Teaching builds confidence, affirms your beliefs and strengthens your healing abilities.

Advanced Reiki meditations
Fire Dragon energy
Reiki Master Initiation - Water ceremony
Master symbol attunements
Teacher Instruction on giving attunements for Reiki I, II and Reiki Master
Class formats and teaching instruction for Reiki levels I, II and Reiki Master
Developing your Reiki practice
Reiki Master Manual and all class materials are included.


What chakras are and how they work
Symptoms of unbalanced chakras
Chakra guided visualization
Chakra balancing techniques
Crystal healing techniques
Pendulum dowsing
Grounding and grounding meditation
Energy clearing techniques
Hands-on experience with giving a complete treatment
* Free chakra healing kit


Use of healing symbols
Refining the practice of the passing-of-hands
Specialized crystal layouts
Diagnosis & healing of chakra trouble areas
Healing leaks and tears in the Luminous Energy Field
Chakra charging
Distance healing

* Add $40 materials fee - includes 33 crystals for specific grid layouts and crystal healing techniques (Value over $100)


Advanced energy healing techniques
Higher awareness and connection to pure consciousness
Using energy, colour and light
Disease treatment
Delivering psychic insight
Counseling skills
Teaching skills


Reconnect to the axiatonal grid of Universal awareness.  It activates the grid in the energy field around your body, then connects it to the Universal grid – allowing you access to your full potential.

The process incorporates a guided meditation to centre energies and unify all aspects of the physical and etheric bodies.

Afterwards, clients may feel relaxed or rejuvenated.  The process is just beginning … Later, they may notice that confusion is released and clarity is found.  They’ll find it easier to stay grounded, balanced and centered.

During this class you'll receive an Axiatonal Re-Alignment.

Using sacred geometry and the body's meridians we create and connect your energy field in a grid of light, and then connect YOUR grid to the grid of the Universe.

This reconnects you to your wholeness so you can be your Authentic Self.

This is a Practitioner Certification class that will enable you to offer this to your clients and to train others.

What Axiatonal Re-Alignment is and how to work with it
Understanding Chakras
Chakra Meditation
Invocation Meditations
Luminous Energy Field (Aura)
Creating Sacred Space
Intention and Methods of Clearing Energy
Axiatonal Re-Alignment process
Hands-on experience giving & receiving a complete treatment


Usher in a new destiny for yourself and the world through life-changing ceremonies and ancient shamanic initiations.

Experience energetic transmissions to help transform your wounds and stories into sources of power and compassion.

There are four fundamental transmissions of the Munay-Ki.

  • The first awakens the seer within you, and the ability to see into the invisible world of energy and spirit.
  • The second awakens the healer within you, and also launches your personal healing journey.
  • The third consists of energetic protections that enable you to walk fearlessly and with beauty in the world.
  • The fourth connects you to a lineage of healers, Wisdomkeepers and Earthkeepers from the past – and the future – who will work with you and through you.

Receive the 9 Munay-Ki Rites and learn how they can support your spiritual awakening. Classes are experiential and include meditations and sacred ceremonies. Share these rites with your friends/family/clients and receive the resources to teach them.

We are now in a time of great transformation—from climate change to species extinctions to technological revolutions—and we have the opportunity to make a difference in the quality of human consciousness.

Become a part of the evolution of the human spirit and discover the unlimited power of healing in The Great Shamanic Initiation.


'Thank you for such a wonderful experience I had throughout the Reiki level one class. Receiving my Reiki attunement was truly a moment I will treasure. I never imagined I would have had the kind of awakening of emotions I did. '

'What an incredible learning atmosphere. Debra is a wonderful teacher - very knowledgeable, patient and displaying serenity and a feeling of calmness which made the class very relaxing without any pressure.'

'I liked the personal touch ... it was a very comfortable, relaxing, back to nature atmosphere that facilitated an excellent learning experience. The way we were treated made it feel like a very special experience. We had the opportunity to ask any and all questions we had.'

'The chakra meditation was extremely significant for me. I felt a liberating rush and knew that I had unleashed a power that would have a profound impact on my life.'

'I really enjoyed the guided meditation. Its a great atmosphere to be in nature. The hands on teaching was fun and informative. I like the size of the class because its more one on one. Overall it was an amazing experience! Debra was a warm and caring teacher!'

'I loved the course and thought it was a thousand-million times more interesting and educational than my previous experience years ago.'

'This was truly a wonderful class. I enjoyed it very much. This will be a big part of my practice from now on. '

'Debra's passion in her work is gracefully expressed in her enthusiasm and desire to ensure your complete understanding.'

'Even after years of self growth and working with others to assist their development, the Munay Ki took me into a new space: a new place of love, letting go of the past more than I had ever been able to achieve before.'

'As a healer, I found that after taking the Munay-Ki rites, I never work alone. My sessions are joined by a spiritual lineage of medicine men and women who effect accelerated healing for my clients.'

'I feel more centered and more detached from a lot of the drama in my life.'

'The Munay-Ki initiations have changed my life in ways I could not have imagined.'

'This journey felt so familiar... The overall journey was amazing. I truly experienced the effectiveness of the rites (and still am). I felt really connected.'