Chakra Healing Training

Knowledge of the chakras is a prerequisite for many healing modalities.  

Discover the purpose of your Chakras. Get to know your chakras and how you can use them to help you heal.  

Learn Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing techniques for yourself and others.

'The chakra meditation was extremely significant for me. I felt a liberating rush and knew that I had unleashed a power that would have a profound impact on my life.'

'I really enjoyed the guided meditation. Its a great atmosphere to be in nature. The hands on teaching was fun and informative. I like the size of the class because its more one on one. Overall it was an amazing experience! Debra was a warm and caring teacher!'

Chakra Healing Practitioner Level One Certification

One Day

$250 + HST

What chakras are and how they work
Symptoms of unbalanced chakras
Chakra guided visualization
Chakra balancing techniques
Crystal healing techniques
Pendulum dowsing
Grounding and grounding meditation
Energy clearing techniques
Hands-on experience with giving a complete treatment
* Free chakra healing kit


30th Oct 2019

9am - 5pm

'Debra's passion in her work is gracefully expressed in her enthusiasm and desire to ensure your complete understanding.'

Chakra Healing Practitioner Level Two Certification

One Day

$350 + HST

Use of healing symbols
Refining the practice of the passing-of-hands
Specialized crystal layouts
Diagnosis & healing of chakra trouble areas
Healing leaks and tears in the Luminous Energy Field
Chakra charging
Distance healing

* $40 materials fee includes 33 crystals for specific grid layouts and crystal healing techniques (Value $80)

Spring 2020
Chakra Healing Practitioner Level Three Certification



Advanced energy healing techniques
Higher awareness and connection to pure consciousness
Using energy, colour and light
Disease treatment
Delivering psychic insight
Counseling skills
Teaching skills