Axiatonal Re-Alignment

Assistance for 5D Ascension & The Great Awakening

Activate your lightbody and reconnect to the Universal grid using sacred geometry.

Expand your consciousness, strengthen your connection to Source and gain clarity of purpose.

Axiatonal lines lay along acupuncture meridians and feed into spin points near the surface of the skin. Spin points are vortices of energy that regulate the molecules and cells of the body. When they are spinning optimally they create an invisible grid within your energy field and assist with cellular regeneration. When this happens, axiatonal energy can recharge the bodies, and clear detrimental emotional and mental patterns.

This process results in reduced stress, internal calmness, and emotional balance. It is a relaxing and grounding therapy, especially useful for those who feel off balanced or confused about their lives and the direction they are headed. This modality complements all types of energy work and other healing therapies. 


Reconnect to the Universal Grid

Axiatonal Re-Alignment provides a deeper connection to the 'authentic self' and the natural world. The process activates the grid in the energy field around the body, then connects it to the axiatonal grid of Universal awareness – allowing access to full potential.

A healing session of Axiatonal Re-Alignment begins with a guided meditation to centre energies and unify all aspects of the physical and etheric bodies. The treatment involves activating and connecting points and lines of energy and a 'hooking up' to the Universal Grid. The process is just beginning … Release confusion and find clarity, stay grounded, balanced and centered more easily.

During this Practitioner Certification class you'll receive an Axiatonal Re-Alignment. Using sacred geometry and the body's meridians we create and connect your energy field in a grid of light, and then connect YOUR grid to the grid of the Universe. This reconnects you to your wholeness so you can be your Authentic Self.

This is a Practitioner Certification class that will enable you to offer this treatment to your clients.
- Invocation Meditations
- Creating Sacred Space for Healing
- Intention and Methods of Clearing Energy
- Axiatonal Re-Alignment Process
- Hands-on Experience Giving & Receiving Treatment

$450 + HST  This is a one day, in-person class at Debra Jones Healing Centre