What's your Life's Purpose?

Debra Jones

Feb 2019

Can you answer that yet?  Last month I asked you some questions:

  1. Who do you want to become?
  2. What legacy do you want to leave behind?
  3. What is your big WHY?  What motivates your intention?
  4. What is the purpose of your life as you know it today?
  5. What story are you willing to let go of in order to follow your destiny?  

These questions help you to dig deeper than you might normally dare to dig.

External soul-searching (finding the answers through a guru/course/book/spiritual teacher) can help to guide you, but are not really the path to self-discovery.  You will eventually discover that your answers are in your SELF.

As Michelangelo discovered, when he set out to carve his statues, the masterpieces were within the marble.  The masterpiece of YOU already exists, and  you'll find it by chipping away at the excess around yourself.  There are thoughts, beliefs, attitudes in your way.  


Letting things go, in small pieces and large chunks, will enable you to discover what lies hidden within.  Grab a broom and let's start sweeping!

These pieces could be stories written for us by another, beliefs we've believed for years, assumptions and definitions made when we were less-wise than we are now.  Think about that for a moment ... are you being the person that was created with the thoughts of a child or a young adult?  Consider how much wiser you are today.  You are wiser than you've EVER been.

Your personality, identifying traits, the way we tell others to treat us - are they all still relevant today?  Haven't you changed?  Aren't you a different person than you were 10/20 years ago?  Don't you know more about yourself and others now?  

Perhaps you once learned to keep people at arms length because your heart was once broken.

Perhaps your beliefs about financial abundance were handed down from your parents.

Perhaps your fear of failure stems from a memory of being shamed.

It's human nature to learn from our experiences, yet these lessons need not be carved in stone. You are not your stories.  You have always made the choices that serve to protect you.  Some of them were useful once, yet now they are not.  They no longer serve you!  Why not give yourself permission to change the stories that no longer serve to protect you, but instead, keep you from expanding and evolving?  

Self-confidence, self-worth and self-expression are essential elements for being authentically YOU.

Know that you already ARE your true, authentic self. All that's needed is to decide which pieces of yourself, that you've accumulated over the years, aren't TRULY you any more. 

The cosmos is currently supporting this depth of soul-searching, so you'll find that, even if you've attempted it before, this time it will be much easier and you WILL gain clarity.

This depth of awareness isn't likely to hit you as you're eating your cornflakes.  You cannot reach these depths without clearing the mind and being in that quiet space where the inner chatter has ceased.  This is the space where new possibilities can come into your consciousness.

That's the purpose of meditation.  Choosing to ignore the multitude of options that call for our attention and settling on only one:  Being HERE, NOW.

Close the door, turn off the ringer and pinger on your phone and computer.  

Set yourself a timer for 10 minutes.  Take a few deep breaths, relax your muscles.  

Whenever you're distracted by thoughts, sounds or physical sensations (thanks Deepak Chopra) repeat the mantra:  "I AM HERE, NOW."

Every time you choose to look within, you'll have more clarity than before. "Seek and you shall find." That is 'The Secret'. 'Where attention goes - energy flows'. So, even the big question: "What is my life's purpose?" can be answered this way. Go ahead, ask that question, but be still enough, and get your mind quiet enough, to allow the answer to come from within. Your answer is in that space BETWEEN the thoughts.


I find that daily morning meditation time is essential to my personal growth and self-awareness.  For many years I avoided looking inwards, perhaps afraid of what I might discover.  What I did discover, once I took that journey within, was a depth of wisdom that I had never known before.  I now know that I can access it most easily when I sit in my favourite chair, close my eyes, listen to my breath, and simply 'be'.  No agenda, no expectation, no external influence - just me, myself and I.

This is where I connect with inner peace.  This is where I am no longer just my physical body.  This is the place where I am all that is.  I AM.

...and by the way, we don't discover our life's purpose - we CREATE it!