What The Future Holds

Debra Jones

Dec 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, it's time to review who you've become and who you want to be.  It's time to CHOOSE what you want to take forward into 2018.

The energies of 2017 have helped us see illusion in our lives, and it is quite possible that you've come to a profound revelation that it's time to let go of something, or someone, in your life, to be free to be the most 'AUTHENTIC YOU' in 2018.

December energies are helping you to move forward by supporting the act of letting go.  

If you choose to let go of a relationship or partnership, it's important to be gentle in your approach.  Avoid sudden change.  The outcome is likely to be better when you avoid shocking or abrupt actions that may create emotional trauma.  

Be kind, be truthful and let your heart lead you.  


Let's face it, we've all evolved.  None of us are who we used to be. 

I recently sat down for a chat with myself to determine what aspects of my life were no longer the fit they used to be.  Once I had identified them, it took courage to allow myself to let go of things that didn't feel great anymore - things I'd been holding onto because I thought I 'should', to avoid disappointing others.

I felt a deep sense of relief when I gave myself permission to evolve.  I noticed that I had been holding myself back, keeping myself small, and that felt like I was being restrained, like I was walking through a tunnel with my focus on a small light at the end of it.

What I discovered, when I let go of the things that no longer resonated, was that the tunnel no longer existed and I became the light!


... and you are too!

Shine, like the diamond you are!