What Does 2019 Have in Store For You?

Debra Jones

Jan 2019

2018 was about being coaxed out of our comfort zone to be authentic to ourselves.

Did it succeed, or did you resist?

Perhaps, like me, you were constantly shifting between a state of comfort, and of self-judgement.  You're enjoying self-acceptance one moment, then in the next you are seeing what's missing ... reaching for more ... wanting to BE more ... wishing to DO more ... unsatisfied with who you are, and where you are in life ... painfully longing, while feeling not good enough.

Once I recognized that this was happening, I found that I needed to find a balance between 'being content' and 'pushing forward', and not get stuck in either place for too long.

I decided that instead of allowing myself to feel bad, I would try taking a position of non-judgement. The act of simply noticing the feelings that come up, and being OK with them being there, can have some truly remarkable results

2019 is a year of freeing ourselves from the limitations and restrictions that have been holding us back from blossoming into full bloom.

It's about recognizing the patterns that create your discomfort and then CHOOSING to either push through them, or simply let them be there.

It's about noticing how you hold yourself back and deciding to override that worn-out default pattern in order to create the NEW AND IMPROVED version of YOU!

Here's a suggestion:

While making your New Year Resolutions, be sure to include: "Become my best self" followed by "I will recognize that I am already perfect," and then add ALL your dreams and hopes, even the ones that you haven't a clue how to make them manifest into reality.

Dare to dream.

May it comfort you to know that you are exactly where you need to be for the lessons you came here to learn.

So, ignite the fire deep within yourself and aim to be who you REALLY want to be. Do what you REALLY want to do for there's a reason it became a thought in the first place. Anything that you can dream has the ability to materialize.

Expand yourself out into the most evolved YOU. Break the shackles of the past and step into your place in the world. Own the space you stand upon and wear that crown.

It suits you!