Goddess energy is alive


The rise of the feminine is NOW

Debra Jones

Mar 2017

This isn’t like the feminism movement of the ‘60s when, to loosen the grip of patriarchal rule (where men had power over women), it was deemed necessary to force the balance back to centre for equal rights for women.

This isn’t about shifting the power over to the women; it isn’t about creating a matriarchal society.  This is a breakdown of the patriarchy and the beginning of a NEW EARTH.  It’s about bringing balance and harmony back into our world for ALL.

We have now entered a time where ‘POWER OVER’ another is no longer accepted or supported.  Instead, balance can be achieved when we apply a ‘POWER WITH’ philosophy.

The most commonly recognized form of power, POWER OVER, has many negative associations such as repression, force, coercion, discrimination, corruption, and abuse.  Experienced as a ‘win-lose’ situation, having this power involves taking it from someone else, and then using it to dominate and prevent others from gaining it.

POWER WITH is about finding common ground among different interests and building collective strength. Based on mutual support, solidarity and collaboration, it multiplies individual talents and knowledge. ‘Power with’ can help build bridges across different interests to transform or reduce social conflict and promote equitable relations.

The difference is clearly either ‘win/lose’ or ‘win/win’ and any compassionate soul will recognize the option that is more in harmony with a peaceful and joyful existence.

Organized groups such as Gather the Women and the proliferation of Women's Circles and Red Tents all over the world are a sign of these changing times. 

NOW - Women are gathering and taking their power back – using the 'POWER WITH' philosophy to bring harmony back into their own lives first, then into the lives of those they care about.

Studies have shown that the vibration level of the earth has already shifted as we collectively move out of FEAR (low vibration) and into LOVE (high vibration).   We are raising our consciousness to greater truth. The veil is lifting. The blinders are coming off.

What does this mean to me?

That’s a good question and one that I suggest you try to answer before you read on.

It’s about creating balance in your own life. 

Notice where YOU may be out of balance and take action to BRING YOURSELF BACK INTO BALANCE.

Women, if you experience laziness, depression, lack of motivation or over-nurturing tendencies - just add a dollop of focus, discipline or activity.

Men, if you experience aggressiveness, narrow-mindedness, coldness towards others or frustration – just add a smidgen of openness, patience, caring, wisdom, flexibility, or compassion.

Being in balance SIMPLY FEELS BETTER and helps us live in harmony with others on this Earth.