The other side of chaos

What Have You Discovered?

Debra Jones

June 2017

We've ALL been experiencing the global ascension - aka 'The Shift'.
Take a deep breath.  We've reached the top of the mountain.
Sit for a while, before you join us in the decent into the New World - a new way of being.

We've experienced chaos and discord in varying degrees - and we have survived.
The experienced has allowed us to become aware of our own unique aspects of our TRUE SELF.

Take a moment to reflect on these two questions:

  1. What have you discovered about yourself?
  2. What have you learned?

This chaos has been a lesson for us - to show us who we really are - to discover our true colours.

NOTE: If you're still in the chaos, it's time to separate from it - CHOOSE to view it as a 'drama' that you can watch from the outside, instead of being an actor within it.  Let the other actors remain on the stage while you step down and sit in the audience for a while.

By individuating, creating separation, you'll begin to see a beautiful expression of your Self.  Avoid getting pulled into judgement - of who is right and who is wrong.  Stay in the place of truth about yourself.  Your deepest true identity is emerging from within.

You need to see how you're different today.  You no longer need to replay the ways of your previous Self.  Use your current wisdom to make NEW choices that are more in alignment with your true Self.  This is a journey of Self.  No need to convince or convert others - just be yourSelf - do it YOUR way, and allow them to do it theirs.

From this seat in the audience, you'll find your true Self and then you will notice that you're viewing the scene from a higher perspective.  You'll move into a place of love and compassion - for yourself and for others.

It is then, that you'll return back wholeness, oneness with all.  Aware of your infinite potential.  

Through discord and detachment we can become aware of the unique part of ourselves.  It's a necessary part of the evolution process.