Debra Jones

Oct 2017

'Anything you can't control is teaching you how to let go'

- Jackson Kiddard 

The end of Illusion

The light is shining on the truth.  It's the end of illusion.  We are now seeing what is TRUE in our relationships and in our world and we can no longer ignore it.  This can be unsettling.  It may turn our personal world upside down.  Not only have we been questioning “Who am I?”, we’re now questioning our relationship with the world and the people around us, the careers we’re in, the life we’ve created for ourselves.  Is it true?  Are we living authentically?  The situations that we feel we have no control over are way-showers.  The light is also shining on what is NOT our truth.

We can try to deny it, we can choose to keep the status quo, but we KNOW we are lying to ourselves, and THAT is becoming more and more UNACCEPTABLE to us.  Once the truth is revealed it cannot be covered up or hidden, no matter how hard we try to hide it.

So where do we go with this truth? 

It scares us.  Or does it ... really?  If it IS the truth, why do we run from it? 

We’ve been conditioned to.  We are hardwired to avoid pain.  The beliefs that we have long-held are getting in our way. 

How beliefs are created & why they're such a force in our lives

Beliefs are simply thoughts, that we have given our energy to.  Beliefs are only thoughts that we continue to think, over and over again.  The good news is that if we GIVE OURSELVES PERMISSION to ALLOW a different thought to come in, and we give that thought our attention, our energy, we can create a NEW belief.

This new belief can be one that is in true alignment with our Soul.  If we choose to follow the Soul’s Path, it's there that we’ll find true peace.

Perhaps you’re thinking: “But how can I allow myself to change my path?  It may hurt others if I change my direction and I don’t want anyone to be hurt.” 

Think about it.  Someone IS getting hurt.  YOU! 

If your birthright is to live a life of joy and happiness (which, by the way, is the truth), then why are you accepting a life of pain or unhappiness?  If you’re not living the life you were given, then who is?  And whose life are YOU living?  A life that is based on other people’s ideas of what your life should look like?  You don’t have to live a life by others’ rules, you’re a grownup now, you can make your own rules.  Conversely, are you expecting someone to live a life through YOUR rules?  That is just as damaging to their Soul’s Path as it is to yours.  Cosmically, the light is shining on the truth FOR ALL OF US.  Let us allow others to follow their own truth too!

It’s not easy to walk this journey alone.  If you're fortunate enough to have the support for your new authentic path through a trusted friend or partner, you can assist each other and guide each other to authenticity.  Perhaps you know of a therapist, counselor or healer who can offer you a safe place to explore your true desires?  Enlist their support for as long as you need it.  (Know that I offer this support too).  But if you cannot secure this support, there IS another way.


NATURE can, and will support your journey.  It is STABILITY that we seek as we navigate these choppy waters.  Stability can be found in the elements around us that have stood the test of time.  That stability can be found in the rocks that have been there for eons.  There are trees that have stood for a hundred years or more, the waters have been around since the beginning of time, rising up from the oceans and into the clouds, to rain down again upon the earth, over and over again.

In nature we find stability.  It grounds us.  Our soul can be fed by it.  It offers itself to you.  Seek it, find it, BE with it and listen to what it whispers to you.  It's there that you’ll hear your inner truth, in the silence you’ll discover the way forward.  You are here for a short time, make it a great time, and when we find each other on the other side, we’ll laugh about just how serious we thought life had to be.