Silence the noise

Debra Jones

Sept 2019

What shows and movies are you watching?  Are they full of violence or fear?
What type of music are you listening to? Does it have angry messages?
Do you have toxic friends, family or coworkers?

Be aware of the energies that you’re choosing to surround yourself with. No matter how well you think you deal with negativity, your subconscious mind and even your body pick up subliminal messages that can detrimentally affect you.  Choosing to be conscious of what you allow into your energy field is an essential step toward mastering your spiritual journey here on earth.

Be more discerning about the information and subliminal programming you are taking in, especially if you’re feeling stressed, vulnerable or overwhelmed. Even when you’re merely relaxing and zoning out after a busy day, be aware that this is when you’re most susceptible.

When we listen to the news, the constant bombardment of fear, pain and sadness, our energetic vibration lowers to match the low-vibration energy. When we think it is our responsibility to know what’s going on in the world so that we can feel compassion for those in need, we’re no longer able to hold the high vibration space needed to raise the collective energy and move it out of the low vibration. Instead of feeling terrible about what’s going on in the world, try sending high-vibration thoughts across the airwaves so that those in need can receive your support, not your pity.

What messages are you viewing on social media, out of curiosity rather than true alignment?  What emails are you subscribed to but aren't reading anymore? This is an invitation to check in with yourself.  Unsubscribe to anything that you no longer resonate with. Exit social media platforms instead of aimlessly scrolling.

It’s time to shape and refine your life

Perhaps you’ve noticed that you are more acutely aware of what is and what isn’t in alignment with your soul needs?  Have you been practising discernment with your choices lately?  Have you felt the urge to reject or remove yourself from toxic relationships and situations?  Has your intuition been alerting you more strongly to the things that you’re no longer in harmony with? 

The current position of the planets in the cosmos is showing us that it is now time to REALLY take care of ourselves. We are being assisted in making paradigm shifts required for progressive change. Some level of breakdown is necessary to make breakthroughs as we shape and refine our life. 

Perhaps you’ve been feeling the urge to express yourself more authentically.  It’s time to be clarifying your message, establish your platform and amplify your impact in the world.

The light is shining on the choices we make for ourselves.  Perhaps it’s time to release the ghosts or shelve the past. What will you move towards, and from what will you walk away?  It’s decision time!

If you don’t have clarity to make your decision yet, you’ll need to make room for more silence and stillness in your life. In fact, you'll likely be craving it this month.  Be sure to find some, as it will facilitate this process of discernment.

It’s essential now to create time to unplug and silence the ‘noise.’ In what ways will you find this silence and stillness?

We are evolving in all ways, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What can you do to refine your spiritual discernment tools? Do you need help? Find guides or allies to help you build bridges over the chasms that you have feared. Embrace Divine assistance if human support isn’t available - signs and animal and spirit guides are readily available now, and they're helping to show us the way.

If you’re looking for a way to manage your life better, I offer the Great Shamanic Initiation.  These Rites of the Munay-Ki are energetic transmissions that are downloaded into your energy field, to help transform old wounds and stories into sources of power and compassion.  They render old patterns obsolete and support your spiritual awakening.  Receive tools to assist you in your personal evolution. 

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