Power Over vs Power With

Debra Jones

Nov 2019

If you haven't experienced surprises yet, you will!

Light is shining on the mind games we all play (with ourselves as well as others). Manipulations, power struggles, victim-abuser relationships – the spotlight will be on them all.
We all want to feel powerful, yet there are healthy and unhealthy ways to achieve that goal.
Take a look at your current power struggles. How are you handling them?

Are you attempting to have power over another? If you are, you're acting out an OLD PARADIGM. An outdated, somewhat barbaric tactic to manipulate yourself into a more powerful position - thinking that, to be powerful, you need to take power from the one who has it. Think war.

Real power has nothing to do with control – of other people or life circumstances. Real power is about having inner strength to navigate through the storm with grace. The NEW PARADIGM is to allow those around you to keep their power, as you find a way to gain yours too. Power WITH another. Win-win! Think peace.

Surrender your ego and release what doesn't serve you well. Get clarity on what you want to achieve.
Once you do, you'll rise again, stronger, wiser - and powerful!

It sounds simple, yet in action, it can be quite challenging. Find support for yourself in a trusted friend or guide.

If you need help seeing your situation from a different perspective, I can help. If your struggle is with yourself, I can help. CLICK HERE to make an appointment today and master your life!

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