One-on-one Healing

60 mins$115 (tax incl)

Holistic Healing

When you know you need some healing, but you don't know what treatment to choose.  This is for you!

Let your Higher Self decide what you need!  I'll follow the spiritual direction I receive and the session will help you find clarity, purpose and direction.

A Session might include Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing,  Energy Clearing,Past Life Regression, Axiatonal Re-Alignment, Shamanic Healing, Card Reading or something we have both yet to discover....

Perfect for:

  • Emotional Healing
  • Soul Journey Guidance & Direction

60 mins $115 (tax incl)

Distance Healing

Phone or skype sessions are available for those who cannot travel here

20+ page emailedreport

$90 + HST

Human Design

Understand your strengths and challenges.  This 20+ page report shows you the potential for what you can accomplish in life. It helps you understand the strategy for decision making and taking action that is consistent with how you are designed.

If you've been struggling, you'll learn how to stop resisting the TRUTH of who you are. Discover who you really are!