Laughing Buddha

Changing The Earth's Heartbeat ONE BUDDHA AT A TIME

Debra Jones

July 2017

It's not just the English talking about the weather these days.  Canada (especially) has been experiencing some strangely erratic weather.
Rain, upon rain, upon rain. . . thunder, lightning, hail... It's been named ‘The Hundred-Year Storm’!
Have you wondered ‘WHY is this happening?’

Weather patterns have a correlation to Earth’s energy. 

Earth’s energy has a correlation to human consciousness – what we're aware of and how we're feeling. 

Did you know that there are special Weather Stations positioned all over the globe that have been picking up the shift in collective consciousness?  They’re called GCI’s – A Global Coherence Monitoring System, a worldwide network of magnetometers that collect a continuous stream of data from the Earth’s magnetic field.

Moments of collective high anxiety, tension and passion can create noticeable changes in the normal vibration level of the earth.  A change was recorded during the most recent US inauguration!

The Earth’s vibration is called the Schumann Resonance - aka the Earth’s Heartbeat.  It vibrates at the same rate as a balanced Heart Chakra (and the reason why being in nature restores and heals us).


The weather is a mirror to our thoughts and feelings and shows the turmoil many of us are experiencing within.  The Earth's Heartbeat is getting faster, deep wounds are being uncovered, dark secrets are being revealed...  While all this Truth is emerging, it might help you to know that WE ARE EVOLVING EXACTLY AS OUR SOUL PATH HAS PLANNED.

Instead of letting the anxiety and tension get to you, step up - and into - your power and do something that could be considered quite odd.  


Yep, even though it’s probably the last thing you feel like doing – try it anyway and see how laughter can reset your stress level back to normal.  Let me explain:


You’ve seen the Laughing Buddha - a bald, pot-bellied monk raising his arms as he roars with laughter.  Not just a cheap trinket in a market stall, but a way-shower to enlightenment.  Don’t believe me?  Read on. 

The laughing Buddha has great wisdom.  He knows who he is and that life is just an illusion.  His message is to teach us this wisdom and that laughter can be an expression of enlightenment.

Buddha’s laughter is a release from inner tension into inner harmony!

The Buddha doesn’t laugh at himself or at others, he doesn’t laugh because he’s acquired something others don’t have. The laughter isn’t cynical, sarcastic, bitter or defiant. It’s the laughter of compassion, amusement at the interplay of knowledge and ignorance that makes up the joys and sorrows of what we call life.


Turn up your volume and get ready for some Laughter Therapy.  It's sure to reset your vibration - and that of our planet Earth too!

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