May I Take Your Order?

Astrologically we're about to see the effects of the intense energy that has been brewing since spring. We're entering a completion phase of an evolutionary shift.

Be ready to see and feel some chaos as the old falls away to reveal the new.

Never fear! The shifts have heightened your ability to manifest what you want. You will now be able to direct yourself onto the path that is right for you, especially if you have had a clue as to what direction that path takes.

You can now affect real chaos and upheaval in your own life to get on a track that suits you better.

No longer are you satisfied with less than you deserve. No longer can you ignore that nagging thought that you've previously been able to sweep under the rug. Now you can find the courage to lift the carpet and see what you've been hiding.

Maybe the time has come for you to make a significant change in your life. Perhaps it's time for you to pull out the roots from a life you've been growing in the wrong garden. Maybe you'll decide to choose that one thing that you've always known would make you happier. Perhaps you'll surrender to what is.

This 'change' will show itself boldly now. It will refuse to be swept under the rug and will be staring you in the face.

Stare back. These cosmic energies are supporting you!

They are giving you assistance to get unstuck from the mud (or quicksand) and step onto more solid ground in the life you're here to live.

If you feel the emotions and the pull to make a change in your life, to act now for fear of missing out, DON'T DO IT!

Yep, DON'T do it. Instead, harness the chaos and pressure and create a structure for it. Create a plan. Focus on a strategy instead of taking action.

Do not react, but RESPOND!

The emotions, the will and the desire will fuel you to put the necessary plans into place to manifest your desire. Impulsive actions will most certainly bring chaos right now, and that chaos might destabilize you.

Instead, RESPOND by visualizing yourself on the other side of the chaos. See yourself having manifested your desire, and feel what that would feel like. Close your eyes, and see and FEEL yourself in the desired situation... Go ahead, I'll wait for you...

The law of attraction will come into play as you send that message out into the Universe, and it will receive it, just like an order you place at a restaurant.

Think about how you might give your order to the server; the more details you can see and feel, the more accurate your order is received...

"I'll have this, with this, and that on the side!"

Then, do what you do when you're sitting in the restaurant. Take a breath, relax, and enjoy yourself while your order is taken to the kitchen.

In the Universal Kitchen, the ingredients to create your order are prepared and assembled in a way to please you. This chef will create a masterpiece for you using what you have ordered with your thoughts and feelings.

Here's the critical part:

In a restaurant, you don't get up from your seat and walk into the kitchen to micromanage the chef's creation, do you?

No. You TRUST that you'll be brought what you have ordered, exactly the way you've ordered it and the way you visualized it. Your taste buds are already tasting it even before it has arrived.

So, allow the chef in the Universal Kitchen to bring every component together in the perfect way, at the perfect time, and TRUST that, even without your presence in the kitchen, you will soon be presented with the order you've been expecting.