Is There Life After Death?

Debra Jones

April 2016

The recent ICE STORM here in Ontario (Canada) is a reminder to us all of a cycle that affects every living thing.  With the 'end of life' to many trees that were thriving just the day before, sometimes a life-cycle is shorter than planned.  Sad as it was to see such devastation, it follows a natural law ... the LIFE-DEATH-REBIRTH cycle. 

Our society has been taught to mourn death, that death is final.  Yes, death is an ending, but I don't believe its the end because everything in nature is cyclical.  Spring always follows Winter;  the end of a year is always followed by a new year; the end of any relationship is an opportunity for a new beginning.  Understanding the LIFE-DEATH-REBIRTH cycle on a deeper level can teach you how to live your life in a healthy, balanced way.

The NEW WORLD we are now living in requires us to respond in ways that can be very different to how we have responded in the past.  We have an opportunity to become spiritually mature - to reach deep inside and find a strength, a power that we have not accessed fully.  You'll know when you've accessed it as it feels good, it feels right - unfamiliar perhaps - but rewarding.

With the recent planetary shifts and alignments that many of us have been sensing we've likely all been experiencing events that have 'rocked the boat' - but instead of it sending us into a tailspin, if we've dared to step beyond our comfort zone and reach deep inside, we've found that not only have we fared the storm more easily than we expected to, but we've been catapulted into a new, healthier space.

We are all capable of this.  Our spirit soars when we grow in this way.  When we are in harmony with our spirit, we are at peace with ourselves and the world.  We become FREE from old fears and restraints.  We experience a rebirth and all that comes along with this territory.  

When this happens, it gives us reason to pause - to celebrate.  
Be proud of your achievement and wish yourself a Happy reBirthday!