I have a dream - and so do you!

If you don't have a great idea yet, you soon will

Debra Jones

Feb 2019

January's cosmic energy encouraged you to honour all you have learned and to release and let go of all that no longer serves you. It may have brought up old wounds, fear and pain, but by bringing them to light they are able to be released and healed. It's time to let go of what has been holding you back.

Recently, I decided to face my own fears head-on. It was scary and uncomfortable, yet I felt a strangely different sense that I would finally be able to deal with it. I knew that if I didn't, I'd be choosing to carry this fear (and self-imposed restriction) into my future - and THAT was an option that my Higher Self would no longer tolerate.

For all of us right now, these fears are deep-rooted, perhaps they've been with us for many years, but we are now ready to be free of them. Decide to move forward despite the fear. Move through it with courage. You’ll find yourself on the other side of the fear – finally free and aligned to your truest self.

Know that we are ALL being called to detoxify on a mind/body/soul level before we can move through the rest of 2019. There's really no escaping it. It's evolution.

Are you feeling exhausted or depleted by this energy?

If so, be sure to bring yourself back into balance. We all have tried and tested 'tools' that have helped us do this in the past. Use them. If you don't have the tools, I can help you find some.

January guided us to the path we are destined to walk for the year ahead. We will soon receive more clarity and feel more connected to our higher purpose.


You are being encouraged to take what you've learned
and birth it out into the world in some way


On February 4th's New Moon, a doorway will open where you’ll receive new information or a new idea to change society. It will bring out the humanitarian in you. You'll invent, innovate or create something new to benefit us all. This idea will help, nurture or heal others, adding value to others lives, while adding to your own too. This idea could create direct or passive income, it can transform your working life.


February will be a time to connect with others
who will help make it a reality


After the initial idea, doubts may arise to test your courage to move forward and manifest it. Know that the idea came to YOU for a reason! Trust that you CAN make it reality. The greater the fear – the greater the purpose for the achievement. It could become your legacy! Be brave.

The cosmos is currently supporting us in realizing our goals. Know that you are supported. You may feel overwhelmed with the magnitude of this idea. Don’t let this discourage you. You don’t need to do this alone. Just take the first step, then just one step at a time.


Remember – you have support – just welcome it in


Other people will be excited with your idea. Own it (register or patent it) then share your idea with others. There will be no resistance. This idea may take a while to manifest. There may be a few, or many steps needed, but this is the time to start moving forward towards your goal. Make some space in your daily routine for it.


Position yourself well for the greatest opportunity


Walk though the doorway of opportunity on Feb 4th at the New Moon.

That evening, carve out some time for yourself. Being in a quiet, meditative state will allow you to access the subconscious mind, so that you will receive the message you need to hear at this time.

Close your eyes, take few deep breaths and ask: “What do I need to know that will add value to others' lives and my own?”

Be quiet and still, and open to receive the information download.

If your mind wanders – bring it back with the centering thought: “What is it that I need to know?”

Have fun with this process - this is an EXCITING time to be alive!


"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." Jane Goodall