HOPE For A Broken World

Sept 2020

Debra Jones


Current astrological reports explain that we are all experiencing a sense of being in a VOID - an empty space with no movement, forward or backwards.  It feels like we're in the eye of the storm. 

How does it make you feel?

  • Are you concerned about what might happen?
  • Are you unsettled by not having a grasp on your life?
  • Are you worried about not being able to cope?
  • Or are you quietly at peace with whatever arises?

If you're anything like me, you fluctuate between all the different emotions depending on the day and the hour.

KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We're all in this together.


For many, the 2020 AWAKENING has been a rude awakening.  For some, waking up to the truth that 'things are not going to be the way they used to be' can be a tough pill to swallow. For those of us who have been talking about and preparing for THE SHIFT for many years, we've had years to adjust, yet are still finding it challenging.

WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE is that these changes are for the better. Underneath the prevalent illusion, everything points in that direction.

The circumstances around the pandemic have allowed the light to shine on all that needs to change in the world.  Only now can we clearly see all injustices and inequalities. And by doing so, we have an opportunity to change systems and behaviours to become more aligned with the sustainability of our planet and to bring wellness back to our people.

There is one crucial awareness that is rising to the surface -

The only truth we can rely upon is our own! 

By that, I mean that we have all been taught to look outside of ourselves for the leader, when, in fact, the leader is within YOU. For some, that statement rings true, but for those who lack self-confidence, it triggers insecurity; "If I am the leader, and I don't feel like the leader, or believe I CAN be the leader, what will I lead myself into?" But before you allow your EGO to send you off in a tailspin, please hear me out...

If you lack self-confidence, it is because you are out of touch with the centre of your being; the real you; your higher self. To regain or remember that part of you, you will simply need to find your centre. This broken world is waiting for you to find yourself.

As you really ARE the leader of your life, you will navigate your own way back to yourself. Sometimes it helps to have a guide to start you on that journey. Here's a message from a guide: One way to find yourself is to remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are more than a physical body having this life experience.

For just a moment, imagine that you are a soul that can incarnate into any body, any life, in any time. If you could do this, who would you be? What would you do with your life? Close your eyes and take a moment to imagine the life you would choose for yourself. I'll wait for you - take your time, there's no rush ....

Were you able to imagine clearly, or did you have more questions than answers?

If you imagined clearly, what action would be necessary, what would need to happen for you to live that life now?

If you couldn't imagine it, you'll need to dig a little deeper. Ask yourself some questions like: What things did I use to enjoy? In what circumstances have I felt at peace in my life? What brings me pleasure? What things come easy to me? What excites me? What matters to me? Take this time to learn who you are today, not who you thought you were.

Then as my friend, Chris-Anne, writes in her book The Sacred Creators Oracle:

'Shift your thinking from yourself, to the greater good of those around you. You will find your best offering relies on solving a problem for others. Make them feel loved. Make them feel empowered. Make them feel capable. Make them feel enough. Because, like you - they are... If you were to shift into your most beautiful, helpful, light-loving form, and if you were doing the work that was the highest form of your soul's calling, what would it be? What would your life look like? And how would it change?'

Your INTENTION in choosing something else for yourself is the pathway to freedom. It is only when you have made a choice that the Universe conspires to make it happen. Reclaim your life as your own. Give yourself permission to choose something that suits you better. The void isn't a space of nothing; it is a space of EVERYTHING!

 Shifting your perspective on who and what you are and what you are capable of is the first step towards enlightenment.

You've found your centre when you can let go of your preconceived notions about who and what you are and what you're capable of. This type of change doesn't usually happen overnight. This is long-term change we are aiming for.  As you become clear in your intention, the path will show itself to you, and you can be free to be YOU.

BE YOURSELF - Everyone else is taken.

© Copyright Debra Jones