Global Awakening

Aug 2020

Debra Jones

Working with clients in my healing room over the last twenty years has led me towards a deeper understanding of why we are here.  Not just why I’m here, but why we’re ALL here.

The 2020 Global Awakening has created an opportunity for mass awareness of the disconnection from Mother Earth. We are experiencing a global heart-opening, collectively embracing equality, non-violence, truthfulness, integrity and generosity.

We are living during one of the most critical periods in human history.  Humans are at a turning point. The actions and decisions we make collectively over the next few decades will determine the path of humanity (and all life on our planet.)  We either move towards greater harmony or towards chaos, stability and inevitable destruction.

The mass media feeds our fears, warning of global warming, terrorism, racism, wealth inequality, economic instability and ecological collapse. To truly bring an end to the destructiveness of humanity, we need to grow up. We must cultivate a deeper level of wisdom, compassion and creativity. As individuals, we must “be the change.” We must free our hearts and minds, and transform our ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.


No stone is being left unturned in the world and in our life. Everything is getting a review to decide what works and what doesn’t, what needs to change and what choices we need to make. We cannot sweep it under the rug any longer. Those of us who have been awake for a long time have been busy healing the past. We recognized the need to free ourselves from the shackles of the stories that no longer serve us. Those who are beginning to awaken are needing our help.

What most of us have failed to see is that we are not the social and cultural roles we imagine ourselves to be. The systems that have constrained and suppressed us have been what we have needed. These systems have taught us to transform our minds, let go of our fears and transcend our limited cultural ideas of identity.


If you are, you’ll know that your personal story, your life experiences, are a reality you created for yourself. If your eyes are starting to open, understand that accepting our story has been one of the hardest things for humans to do. Why? Because your story has become your identity. You identify every choice you make with how it is going to affect you or what are you going to get from that experience. You have created everything that you like & dislike, and your emotions have shaped your reality though your experiences. Let me explain:

When you have an emotional response to your experience, you identify it as a part of yourself. For example, “I am upset, I am unwell, I am angry.” Then when you repetitively think and believe this, you create experiences to support that story. For example, you attract more to be upset about, you manifest more symptoms of poor health, you’re given more to be angry at. Your thoughts create your reality.

Emotions are not ‘bad,’ they are a part of the human experience. This experience is about the journey of personal development and growth towards self-actualization. Realizing your full potential. Simply becoming aware of the bigger picture (the reason behind the emotion) can lead you to mastery of yourself!


When the world or the people in it seem to be going crazy around you when you lose your balance and forget your centredness, what do you often do?

  1. Do you explode into reactive anger?
  2. Do you descend into an abyss to escape?
  3. Do you feel paralyzed, unable to do anything to change the situation?
  4. Do you sit on your high point in judgement?
  5. Or do you remain calm and peaceful, nodding and smiling in acknowledgement of knowing the truth?

Only one of these options proves that you are aware of the bigger picture.

If your answer is anything but the last option, you’re not quite there yet. Your next step to becoming aware is to STOP.

Although precisely what I’m suggesting, the acronym has a deeper meaning, one that can put you back on track when you’ve wandered.

S = Stop what you’re doing – walk away – take a break – do something else – close your eyes. Interrupt your trajectory.

T = Take a breath. Then take a few more until you feel your mind start to settle. Bringing your attention to your breath stops the momentum and brings you back into the ‘NOW’ moment.

O = Observe. Ask “What am I aware of right now, in my body? In my mind? In my heart? Ask yourself if you can simply ‘be’ with that sensation without judgement. Take a moment to reflect and perhaps even journal about what brought you to this current situation. Then, think about what advice a loving friend or relative might give to you about that.

P = Proceed. After acknowledging your observations and accepting the imagined advice from your loving friend or relative, allow your feelings to move through you and out. Don’t hold onto them. Don’t own them. When you observe, rather than react, the fear or discomfort loses its power over you, and you no longer feel you must confront, or run away from it.

(This excerpt has been adapted from page 228 of THE SUCCESSFUL HEALER by Debra Jones - available at Amazon.)


Now that you’ve found the balance and centeredness again know that your recent experience was designed to show you something. The experience was to illustrate the ego-based, false reality of duality and separateness, shadowing the heart-based, actual reality of unity and oneness. This is an elaborate description of simply duality vs. unity.

Environmentalist, Joanna Macy, calls this time ‘The Great Turning,’ a pivotal position for humanity. We change our unsustainable ways, or we die. If we are aiming for harmony, we need to rebuild our connection with the earth. We must awaken to a deeper sense of unity and love for our human family and the natural world that supports us.

Recently, we had a Gypsy Moth invasion in my area. The issue reminded me that Mother Earth needs us to mature. She needs us to transform ourselves from a selfish caterpillar-like species (that consumes resources mindlessly), to more spiritual butterfly-like beings, who live lightly with nature. The time has come for our species to expand our consciousness, open our hearts, and question the predatory behaviour and out-dated thinking of our evolving society.

I recently discovered The Work That Reconnects. Group work based on the teachings of Joanna Macy, designed to foster the desire and ability to take part in the healing of our world. This work unfolds as a spiral journey through four pivotal stages:

  1. Coming from Gratitude
  2. Honouring our Pain for the World
  3. Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes, and
  4. Going Forth.

Each of these stages leads naturally to the next. Each stage helps us experience that we are more significant, more durable, more creative, and more deeply interconnected than we knew.

  1. Coming from gratitude allows us to quieten the frantic mind and bring us back to the source, stimulating our empathy and confidence. It helps us to be more fully present and opens us to acknowledging the pain we carry for our world.
  2. In owning and honouring our pain for the world, and choosing to experience it, we learn the true meaning of compassion: to “suffer with.” We begin to know the immensity of our heart-mind. What had isolated us in private anguish now opens outward and delivers us into the broader reaches of our inter-existence.
  3. Experiencing the reality of our inter-existence helps us see with new/ancient eyes. We can sense how intimately and inextricably we are related to all that is. We can taste our own power to change and feel the texture of our living connections with past and future generations, and with our brother/sister species.
  4. Then we go forth into actions that call us, according to our situation, gifts, and limitations. With others whenever and wherever possible, we set a target, lay a plan, and step out. We don’t wait for a blueprint or fail-proof scheme, for each step will be our teacher, bringing new perspectives and opportunities. And so, the Spiral begins again, with gratitude.

There are hard things to face in our world today. In the face of devastation and tragedy, gratitude can ground us, especially when we’re scared. Gratitude can hold us steady for the work that must be done.

For the past thirteen years, I have been teaching a shamanic practice called the Munay-Ki.  It, too, is designed to awaken gratitude and facilitate our reconnection to the natural world. I'm thrilled to share that it is now available as an ONLINE COURSE.

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