Debra Jones

May 2017

Calling off the search for 'what's next'
These are trying times!
For those of us that need to be constantly moving forward - constantly wondering 'what's next', feeling like we're running on the hamster wheel of life, believing that we can't let it stop turning ... this is for you:

Currently, many enlightened sources are delivering the same message:

'listen to the ancestral echoes of wisdom from deep within your heart'
'loving what is'
'fully and deeply appreciate what you have'
'You can run around like a chicken or you can press your inner ear to that heartbeat and align'
'accept the current ‘chaos’ and ‘disorder’ and allow the energy of Love to guide'
'A NEW QUALITY OF BEING is revealed'

This current 'shift' took me a while before I figured out what to do about how I was feeling.  When I'm perplexed and/or frustrated, I have sources that I turn to, that can shine the light on the path I need to take.  This time, however, my sources were making me even more deeply confused because I was asking the questions "What next?"  "Which direction should I go?"  "What do I need to do?"

In hindsight I see that I was asking the wrong questions, however, my quest lead me to the answer.  (Well, actually a dear healer friend eventually guided me to it - thanks Ingrid)

AFTER I surrendered and admitted that I didn't know the way, this is what appeared:

When you stop the backward or forward movement of mind, you are IN THE NOW.

In that NOW moment you realize that you are SAFE, that there ARE no fires to extinguish, that you EXIST without effort.

It is from this place of inner peace that you shed anxiety and can trust that all is well.  Trusting that you know all there is to know in this moment.

It is in the NOW moment that you can be free of that hamster wheel.

You have revealed a NEW QUALITY OF BEING! 

Remember how to return to the NOW next time you find yourself on that hamster wheel of life.