Energy Update: Global Awakening

Apr 2020
Debra Jones

How can I help you?
Can you find inner peace, or are you anxious and fearful?
I offer support by phone, zoom, or skype.

If you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you. If you need my help, we'll find a way for you to get it.

Know that we're all experiencing ups and downs – one minute we're okay, the next we're deep into the darkness.

  • Are you having trouble sleeping?

  • Are financial worries overwhelming?

  • Are you struggling with relationships?

  • Are you fearful for your life or the lives of your loved ones?

We're all experiencing some symptoms of shock and trauma, However, worrying about the future is harmful to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It also lowers your immune system and compromises your resistance to disease.

Conscious breathing may help you when you're feeling fearful -

Breathe in to the count of 3 and out to the count of 5 and repeat a few times.

Feelings of anticipatory grief are very REAL. Fear of what might be. Fear of an uncertain future. Grief is often invisible. We can't see it, but it rocks our foundation and our core. It activates a primal need for SELF-PRESERVATION. We feel a loss of safety, and that triggers a primitive reaction - fight, flight, or freeze. Our root chakra is activated. I write about this in my book. In it, I offer remedies that you can implement yourself to regain a sense of security.

Even though you're isolated, you're not alone.
Know that we're in this together. We need to ask for help when needed. I offer you a path towards inner peace. Talking about our fears disarms them. Hearing others' perspectives can open possibilities.
I'm here to listen. Please reach out.

ENERGY UPDATE: Global Awakening

Wake or be woken, either way, we're shifting NOW

We've left the old world and are moving into the new. The old ways can no longer be, so we must adapt and move together into the unknown. We're creating it as we go, which means we decide what parts of the old life are welcome into our future. Be discerning. Decide what your own truth is. Sit with it. Meditate on it.

Isolation and quarantine have erased the usual distractions and offer an opportunity to assess where we are in life.

• Are you content with how you've crafted your life?
• Does anything need to be different?
• What needs to be released now?
• What needs to be welcomed?

It is time for us to mature; to step into our own authority. What does that mean to you? Who have you always wanted to be, what have you dreamed of doing?

Dare to dream your NEW WORLD into being!


The global threat is not towards the extinction of humanity; it is towards the destruction of the old paradigm; the way things used to be. This is a GLOBAL AWAKENING. While most are focused on survival, a collective shift is happening within our consciousness.
This shift is bringing us back into alignment with TRUTH and LOVE.



It's important to stay present.

If you don't have any tools for this, try listening to my guided meditation.


Before coronavirus reached the western world, I wrote this is last month's message:

'These are unprecedented times, and everything feels different.
There's a reason for that. We're moving into a NEW way of being.'

I felt it, maybe you did too, but no one could know what was about to happen.
As an empathic, sensitive soul, I was a bit of a mess when it arrived. I attempted to keep informed, despite knowing that the heavy energy I was reading, hearing and seeing was affecting me deeply.
Online groups were instantly forming, such as CIRCLE OF SEERS and TOGETHER IN CALM AWARENESS They became a lifeline for many, including me. This 'coming together' is the way of the future.

The post from Scott Stabile below describes what I think. How about you?

EMAIL ME to let me know how you're doing. What is working for you?

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