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Energy Update: 5D

From 'ME' to 'WE'

Mar 2020
Debra Jones

We're into month 3 of 2020.
Lee Harris, Energy Intuitive and Transformation Guide, tells us that we are moving into FIFTH DIMENSIONAL (5D) living, and we're beginning to 'let go of the handrail of past experience.' 

What does that mean?

  • It means that we have been living a life created by what we have learned, from childhood into adulthood. 
  • It means that our belief system, and how we perceive the world has been a result of our upbringing and life experiences. 

This has been the handrail for us to hold onto, and we no longer need to be guided by it.

This was FOURTH DIMENSIONAL (4D) living.

Dimensions - simply explained

  • 1D example: a line. An object that only has length.
  • 2D example:a square. An object with length and width.
  • 3D example: a cube. An object that has length, width and height.
  • 4D example: a human life. An object that can be measured via length, width, height and time elapsed.

We, as humans, are a 3D object travelling through the dimension of time.

The 'Dimensions' are also LEVELS OF AWARENESS, points of perception. Those living from 3D, 4D, or 5D consciousness are experiencing the same reality (on some level), but their way of perceiving it is completely different.

To understand what it means to be moving into 5D living, we need some perspective:

The Dimensions as Thoughts


You see yourself as a separate entity in comparison to other people and the universe.

  • I am a person, the thinker of these thoughts, and these thoughts are my thoughts.
  • I seek happiness outside of myself. Money, material possessions, relationships, and physical attributes seem to be the key to my fulfillment.
  • I must compete with others in order to ‘make it’ so I can get my share of abundance.
  • Life is characterized by polar opposites (duality). There are good decisions and bad decisions, good thoughts and bad thoughts, good people and bad people.
  • The labels I have for myself define who I am as a person. Words like parent, wife, son, my job title, home-owner, etc. are how I identify myself in comparison to others.


As 4D consciousness begins to awaken, your belief system of 3D reality seems absurd. Duality, comparison and judgment still exist but with more ‘spiritual’ themes. For example, you may describe yourself as “awake” while judging those you feel are “asleep.” The attention has shifted from pursuits in the material world to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

  • I am angry because I've been lied to. I must tell others about the Illuminati, government, chemtrails, etc.
  • Since I believe that I am my mind, I am wise to mind control and subliminal messages.
  • I judge those who still eat meat, watch the news, drive a car, etc.
  • More knowledge and better understanding seem to be the key to my fulfillment.
  • Ego is my enemy and therefore I need to get rid of it.


As consciousness awakens even further, the ego drops and judgment begins to fade away. You realize that the darkness of the world is a reflection of the shadow that exists within. You no longer try to change the world, but begin to heal yourself. The love that grows within translates into compassion and understanding for the external world.

  • Love is powerful.
  • I am no longer attached to my labels, but see myself as an ever-changing field of consciousness.
  • I have the power to ‘create’ my perception of reality, nothing is inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Nothing has power over me or my reality unless I have (on some level) agreed to it.
  • 'Judgment' becomes 'discretion' - free choice. Although I no longer judge people from a moral standpoint, I use discretion in how I spend my time and energy.
  • I am beginning to see that “god”, “the universe,” or “source” lies within.
  • As my mastery begins to awaken, I realize I have held the power all along. The fear of mind control and manipulation ceases.

While this has nothing to do with “better” or “worse”, because each soul is on the perfect path for them, those who are on the front lines of the ascension process can often feel disheartened to still see pain and suffering in the world.

If you are one that is leading the way in the consciousness revolution before others in your life, realize that while your loved ones may be stuck in cycles of suffering, it is necessary for YOU to find and maintain a balance, leading the way for those beginning their ascension process.

“Dimensions are not places or locations, but levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate. The higher we vibrate, the more dimensions we consciously experience.”

~ Liara Covert

For a higher dimension to be available to us, we need to vibrate in resonance with it.  We need to raise our vibration.

The highest vibration (as we now know it) is the vibration of LOVE.  Remember this diagram (below) from February's BLOG?

Lee Harris says that when our wounds are still triggered, or we feel dense, heavy, lower vibration energy, these experiences are acting as balancing forces. 

IMPORTANT - Don't chastise yourself, or others for having these experiences. 

Simply notice the places where you're holding onto the third dimension to balance your new 4D and 5D way of seeing reality - a more free-flowing, present, harmonious way of being.

We are the healers of our own hearts.

Through the unsettling, sometimes chaotic, waves of the emotional healing process (that we need to experience to get to 5D), harmony will emerge as our NEW natural state of being.

Be kind to yourself. Be guided by your heart.


I had a conversation about ALL of this with Sacred Medicine Weaver, Roberta Robbins.  She's a contributor in my book THE SUCCESSFUL HEALER. 
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