Emotional Roller coaster

Are You Enjoying The Ride?

Debra Jones

Sept 2017

Have you noticed yet, that life seems a little (or a lot) different after the Total Solar Eclipse?

It's not your imagination, you HAVE been affected - - - in a positive way. 

This latest SHIFT has aligned us all onto the path of actualizing our fullest potential.  The things you need to change, in order to accomplish this, have been shoved under your nose.  You cannot avoid it any longer.  It MUST be dealt with - - - or released.

In my healing room I see many clients who, collectively, reveal to me a pattern.  I get to see where our collective consciousness resides as they bring to me the stories of what they are noticing in their lives.  This is the reason that my emails resonate with so many of you!  I write about where we are and what we are dealing with, in order to assist those who cannot come for personal attention.

For many this emotional roller coaster is frustrating. 

For others, it's downright scary. 

But for some, (those that can raise their hands up in the air) it is teaching how to trust and let go of the process!  THEY ARE THE ONES ENJOYING THE RIDE!

"OK!"  You say.  "How exactly do I do that"

Scroll your way down the blog posts below - to May 2016 - THE BLISS OF SURRENDER - read that!  It's a great starting point. 

As you're scrolling, your eyes may catch the attention of other posts that carry the information that resonates with you at this time, such as THE OTHER SIDE OF CHAOS or WHAT WE RESIST PERSISTS.

If you would like personal attention to assist you in your unique situation.  I'm here for you!.