Do You Wear The Busy Badge?

Debra Jones

Oct 2016

I've been known to wear MY busy badge.  I was proud of it!  I thought others would be too!  But I've since learned that this badge is an obstacle, not an honour, and wearing it allows us to hide behind what's REALLY going on - inadequacy!

Feeling NOT GOOD ENOUGH or needing to prove our worth is the affliction of a busy person.  You're not really so busy - you're reading this aren't you?  

Like other busy people, we can get to the end of our day feeling that we didn't get things done. This feeling eventually creates OVERWHELM which gets in the way of feeling accomplished and at peace with the world.

So if it's the illusive INNER PEACE you're searching for - you won't find it while wearing your busy badge - you simply HAVE to take it off!

Wait!  Whoa!  Scary!  What will THEY think?

What if 'THEY' aren't that interested in how busy your life is or isn't?  What if you could give yourself permission to BE instead of DO - remember: you're a human BEing not a human DOing.

The difference between busyness and productivity

'Busy' appears to others that you're keeping yourself occupied or you can't fit in anything else.
'Productivity' means creating something with your time.
If you're not productive then you're simply busy.

Multi-tasking isn't actually productive 

David Meyer from the University of Michigan published a study that showed that switching what you’re doing mid-task increases the time it takes you to finish both tasks by 25%.

Psychologically being busy is linked to the belief that "If I'm not busy, I'm not important or hardworking" 
But you are important and you are hard-working so that belief doesn't FIT.  If it doesn't fit, don't own it!  Give it up!  

Beliefs are just stories you tell yourself over and over.  Decide on a NEW story and start telling that one to yourself over and over until it becomes your new belief.

Here's our NEW mantra:

"I am worthy!"

Once YOU believe in yourself - eventually, so will 'THEY' (if that still matters to you).