Debra Jones

August 2019

DID YOU KNOW ... that there is an alternative to the Gregorian calendar of 12 months 365 days per year?

DID YOU KNOW ... that linear time – past, present and future – is not the only way to view time?

This alternative is the 13-Moon calendar. Advocated by, this ancient, natural method of time-keeping presents a more consistent measure of time. Consisting of 28 day months, precisely four weeks each, that correspond with the moon's orbit around the earth, full moon to new moon.

The moon cycles have a profound influence on all of life. The moon not only affects the water in the oceans, but it also affects the fluids within us. Aligning to nature's cycles aligns us to SACRED TIME, not linear time, which is a man-made construct.

The 'day out of time' is the last day of the galactic year in the Mayan 13-Moon calendar. The 13 moons of 28 days = 364 days in the year. The extra day, the 365th day of the Gregorian Calendar that most of the Western world live by is July 25th, known as the 'day out of time.' This day is observed as a day free of time. This 'free day' realigns the 13 Moon calendar and solar year. A day to realign our energies; a day to connect with our heart and soul; a day to give thanks and reflect on achievements and lessons still to be learned; a day to re-evaluate the trajectory we are on. It is a 'pause' day where new ventures should wait for the energy of the new year to begin.

In the 13-Moon calendar, July 26th each year marks the start of a new cycle and a new focus or essence for the year ahead.

The White Magnetic Wizard Year

According to, July 26th, 2019 is the beginning of The White Magnetic Wizard Year. The essence of this year calls us to re-enchant our shared life; to know the power of our beliefs, thoughts, vibrations, intentions and actions as 'spells' that create realities. It is time to be CLAIMING OUR POWER, to wield our positive, divine capacities, and be the illuminated wizards we wish to see in the world!

This new 13-Moon cycle directs us to unify with our soul's purpose. Encouraging us to ignite the passions and gifts that are encoded within us and to bring them to life to help uplift and beautify our shared journey.

The magnetic energy of this year reminds us that we can magnetically attract all that we need to fulfill our roles. We can choose to remain open to receive the riches of the ever-unfolding present moment. As we have discovered, where our attention goes, energy flows; what we focus on grows stronger in our life. As we divinely align with our hearts and our soul's purpose, we can call in, summon, and attract support, resources, guidance, allies, insight, magic, and grace.

Having this support is helpful; however, we do not find what we are searching for outside of ourselves. We do not need to focus on gathering missing pieces. We're in a new paradigm shift - urging us to release what no longer serves us.

Cristen Rodgers explains it well:

‘Many of us step foot on the path to spiritual enlightenment expecting it to lead us onward and upward, hoping to become something better than we are, and ready to gather all of the important things we need along the way.
What a surprise it is when we eventually realize that this path isn’t taking us onward but inward, that we’re not gathering things so much as letting them go, and that there was never anything more to aspire to than the truth of what we already are.’
Paradigm Shifts

There are two paradigm shifts mentioned here:
1. SACRED TIME - living by the 13-Moon cycles; in alignment with our natural selves.
2. CLAIMING OUR POWER - the realization that we are the creators of our reality.
These are essential tools for where we are heading.

When we understand that the past, present and future are one. When we continue to free ourselves from the limited concepts of linear time, by becoming aware of our own natural rhythms. When we discover that we can 'time travel' inside ourselves by merely being present to the adventure of our lives, we can shift gracefully into who we are becoming.