Debra Jones is passionate about helping others & is well-respected & active in her community of Dufferin County.

Red Tent Ontario

Founder of Red Tent Ontario, a safe space for women to gather every month in their community of support, encouragement, empowerment and love.

Successful Healer
Make Healing Your Business

Mentoring for healers

The Successful Healer

Healers worldwide join together helping others create and maintain a healthy business. Healers & business coaches worldwide post secrets of successful healers to help us all enjoy a life of comfort and freedom.

Many in the group have been interviewed for our upcoming collaborative book 'The Successful Healer' - a collection of the wisdom of healers,designed to refocus you when you become discouraged or fearful in any aspect of your business.


Debra is also a Mirthwalk Healer and regularly donates her time and expertise to helping to run the not-for-profit organization.

Philanthropist and musician Lisa Watson has a vision to make alternative healing more accessible within her community of Orangeville & area.

The goal of Mirthwalk is to help people with financial challenges afford to discover the benefits of alternative healing.

Whether you're looking for healing, or you're a healing practitioner, or you'd like to donate to the fund ... we're happy you care.