Can You REALLY Heal Yourself?

Debra Jones

Nov 2018

Your answer will depend on your core beliefs. If you've continued reading this, you probably think it's possible even if you don't know how, and that's a good start.
As Henry Ford aptly put it, 'Whether you think you can, or think you can't - you're right.'
Let me tell you what I've discovered...

When I was new to Reiki, I believed that an unseen, powerful force was as work, and being the 'one who heals', I was the one to command it.

It took two decades as a healer to realize that I'd not been doing anything for all that time.  Instead, I'd been allowing ... Allowing my clients to heal themselves!  I recognized that my job is to create the environment conducive to healing; to empower my clients by inspiring within themselves, the ability to heal, helping them create a clear intention, then to get out of the way so that the intention could manifest.  Being available to help them as they walked further on their healing path, together we are a team with a clear objective ... transformation!

Once the 'Ego-Self' was out of the picture, the healing experiences that I offered my clients became SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL!  Ever since that 'A-HA' moment, magic happens here at Debra Jones Healing Centre.  Not MY magic ... YOURS!

My years as a Successful Healer would not have been possible without stepping aside and acknowledging that every one of my clients have super-powers!  Once they, too, find out that they are so powerful, healing can take place.  Armed with EMPOWERMENT, nothing can stop you from creating the life you want to live.

Don't let healing myths take away your power.  Myths like "if the medical profession can't heal it, it's impossible," and "others know more about my body than I do," ensure that you'll never have the power to heal yourself.  Learn how to take your power back and, as hundreds of happy clients have proven, you can begin to heal yourself.

Here's what people are saying:

'Debra's ability to connect with me through my spiritual journey was nothing short of miraculous. I can attest to her good works and the trust she offered me, in order to believe that I could "run" down my life path toward love, faith and hope.' SB

'The awareness that Debra gave me has given me affirmation about what & why I am now making the choices I'm making, and to stay on the path.' CR

'Debra is a fabulous practitioner who can help you affect amazing changes.' KS

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