Calm The Chaos

Debra Jones

Mar 2017

Well Done! You've recognized there is chaos in your life - now what?

Firstly, know that you're not alone. Everybody feels it at certain times in their life. The question is: What are you going to do about the chaos in YOUR life?

Allow me to share with you my tried and tested:

7 Steps to Sanity

STEP 1. Take Back Your Power
Knowing that you are the curator of your life is an important first step.
It enables you to know that you can change it if you choose to.
The next step is to exercise your power and CHOOSE another way!

STEP 2. Make the Decision to Create Calm in your Life
Nothing manifests differently until it has direction. You may continue on 'default' which basically means 'do the same thing and get the same result' -OR- 'step off the merry-go-round' and choose a different path. Once you've made your decision you may A: Continue on default - or- B: Go to step 3...

STEP 3. Breathe Consciously
Not that shallow kind of normal breath, but the DEEPEST breath you can muster.

... and do it again - an EVEN BIGGER BREATH

...and then do it again - Now THAT'S the depth of breath you need!

Keep going and notice how it gets easier with each breath, allowing any stress or tension to leave with your out-breath... 
Keep breathing deeply for as long as you feel the need to.

STEP 4. Disrupt your Routine
Although we started this in step 3 - there's more to do. STOP what you're doing. Turn off your phone and your computer (trust me - you'll thank me). Put the kettle on and make a cup of tea (OK, that's because I'm British but you can do it too if you want), or go for a walk in nature. Give yourself a 'gift of time' for a worthy cause - YOU!

STEP 5. Shift your Energy
Alter the trajectory of chaos by shifting the energy in your immediate environment. If you chose the walk in nature, Mother Nature is already doing this for you. If not, two of my favourite ways of doing this are playing loud music (Happy Pop gets me singing and dancing around the room - even though that is the furthest thing from my mind, it really works if I fake it 'til I make it) 
or taking a shower and singing Do Re Mi as loudly as I can.

No, I haven't lost my marbles, I have a perfectly good explanation for this:

As I sing the scales, I notice which notes I sing strongly and which are weak. 
The reason being that the 7 major chakras each have a different resonance or vibration, which match the vibration rates of the notes in the musical scales. 
By repeating the notes that seem weak, I strengthen and therefore balance the weakened chakras.
Musical Scales

STEP 6. Process your Emotions
If you're upset about something, or someone, admit to yourself what you are actually upset about. What is it that you are afraid of? What pain has it uncovered?

Instead of feeling anger or frustration, process your emotions by answering those questions until you feel calmer, then express yourself by talking to a friend or partner, or to the person that has upset you, or write it all down to get it out on paper. NOTE: Destroy the paper when you're done - the purpose is to release the energy of the anger or frustration - not to keep a record of it.

STEP 7. Shift into Gratitude, Forgive Yourself and Get Support
Now that you have calmed right down, what IS working for you in your life? What can you be grateful for?

List 5 things you are grateful for today - add more if you can think of more. This is the point where I tend to be hard on myself - listen to the self-talk. I often notice that I'm berating myself for getting to this point and telling myself I should know better. If this happens, this is when I need the support of my guides and angels (Yes, you do have them too) and I connect to my Higher Self, the one who can see the bigger picture that I'm obviously not seeing yet.

I reach for any oracle card deck and pull just one card - with the intention that it will have the message I need to hear right now.

If you don't own an oracle card deck, I highly recommend getting one. Amazon have many to choose from. Any one will do, or try a free online reading here. 
If you've followed these steps I guarantee you're feeling better than you were. 
They work for me EVERY TIME!