Feb 2021

Debra Jones

The Future is in Your Hands

As a health professional today, I'm helping people stay sane throughout this tumultuous time. Sadly, I recently lost a deeply struggling client, unable to cope any longer with their suffering. I suddenly realized that we are actually in WARTIME, which fuelled the survivalist fire within me and a need to effect change.

This time it is not a war for power; it is a war of HUMANITY vs. ECONOMY.

I see a focus more on PRESERVING THE ECONOMY – the need to protect producing, buying and selling goods and services, and less on PRESERVING HUMANITY – the wellbeing of everyone on earth.

Yes, we may be struggling to pay our bills, keep our jobs, stay safe from harm while out buying food to survive. We are staying home, refraining from social activities, educating our children while following dire news stories.

The impact of living this way is slowly crushing the human spirit.

When our governments make leadership decisions based upon saving the economy, they choose to protect the economy at humanity's expense. Paradoxically, if humanity does not thrive, there will be no need for an economy, and, quite frankly, the structure of our economy needs a total overhaul.

Here is my message:

Looking solely to our governments to fix the situation through financial support, virus protection and top-down leadership, we relinquish our own power to ensure our survival.

Through my 20+ years as a healer, I have learned that I CAN'T heal anyone; but I CAN help people heal themselves. My ego-will was shelved many years ago.


'If you want to feel safe, secure and protected, you cannot look outside of yourself and find these qualities.'


That said, if you want to feel safe, secure and protected, you cannot look outside of yourself and find these qualities. They are an inside job. Placing your future in others' hands is handing over control of your life (a collective illusion, BTW). Therefore, you are choosing to accept where it takes you.

If this is not acceptable, you'll need to realize that the future is in YOUR hands. Do not focus on what you CANNOT do; instead, focus on what you CAN do. What is within your power? If you lack specific resources for a particular action, then forget that action. What resources DO you have access to? Choose to use them! What innovations can you devise to strengthen your spirit? Can you find new ways to satisfy your desire to connect with others? What tools or ideas can you use that help you feel better? Your wellbeing is your responsibility.

According to Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, after food, water, and air, people move on to the need for safety and security, then belonging and love, and then esteem. When these needs are met, we can self-actualize – realize our full potential. Safety is a need that must be satisfied if we are to feel fulfilled in life.

'I help people to unlearn old limits and get out of their own way.'

I consider myself a visionary, a way-shower. One who can empower and hold space for others to step into their own power. I help people unlearn old limits and get out of their own way. I have a vision that humanity survives this and comes through the storm better, stronger, more authentic, and enlightened. I see us rejoicing and celebrating our new-found love of life, our heartfelt respect for ALL life, and for the earth upon which we all live.

I CAN do this, and I can make a difference in the world by doing it. What can YOU do?

What one thing can you do right now that might ensure a better future for yourself and for humanity? It might be a small thing, perhaps even a prayer for better days, but the important thing is that you do it. Collectively, we are never too small to make a difference. Every action has a reaction, even if you cannot see it.

'Be the change you wish to see in the world.'

~ Mahatma Gandhi

The future is in your hands


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