Axiatonal Re-Alignment Training

Axiatonal Re-Alignment Practitioner/Instructor Certification

One Day

$350 + HST

Spring 2020

Reconnect to the axiatonal grid of Universal awareness.  It activates the grid in the energy field around your body, then connects it to the Universal grid – allowing you access to your full potential.

The process incorporates a guided meditation to centre energies and unify all aspects of the physical and etheric bodies.

Afterwards, clients may feel relaxed or rejuvenated.  The process is just beginning … Later, they may notice that confusion is released and clarity is found.  They’ll find it easier to stay grounded, balanced and centered.

During this class you'll receive an Axiatonal Re-Alignment.

Using sacred geometry and the body's meridians we create and connect your energy field in a grid of light, and then connect YOUR grid to the grid of the Universe.

This reconnects you to your wholeness so you can be your Authentic Self.

This is a Practitioner Certification class that will enable you to offer this to your clients and to train others.

What Axiatonal Re-Alignment is and how to work with it
Understanding Chakras
Chakra Meditation
Invocation Meditations
Luminous Energy Field (Aura)
Creating Sacred Space
Intention and Methods of Clearing Energy
Axiatonal Re-Alignment process
Hands-on experience giving & receiving a complete treatment