A New Day Has Dawned

Feb 2020

Debra Jones

"What the world needs now, is love, sweet love."

Have you noticed it? The shift in collective awareness.

In 20 years as a Healer I've noticed trends that come in waves; similarities in peoples emotions and experiences. It amazed me when the same theme would show up in every client. It still amazes me, but now it's the norm.

A New Paradigm

Now, for the first time, I am feeling an unprecedented collective awakening of the masses. Humanity is beginning to clearly see the truth, and we are all experiencing 'heart-opening' revelations. You've felt it, haven't you!

Global Heart-Opening

The recent passing of the basketball player, Kobe Bryant was a catalyst for the masses to clearly begin to see the truth.

It's a collective awakening; a Global Heart-Opening.
Ellen's Emotional Reminder to Celebrate Life Every Day
In response to this event, TV host, Ellen DeGeneres shared a message,"If you haven't told someone you love them do it now. Tell people you love them. Call your friends. Text your friends. Hug them. Kiss them."

I admire DeGeneres for using her position as a positive influence. Getting up on stage, publicly displaying genuine emotion for the helicopter tragedy, she modeled a healthy response. She told us that she came on stage to 'fill the room with love, because that's what everyone needs.'

She's right. LOVE is the antidote to fear and grief.

High vibration is the antidote that raises low vibration. However, you can only benefit from an antidote if you are aware that you need to apply it!

How are you feeling right now? Are you in HIGH VIBRATION or low vibration?

Here's a diagram to help you decide:

Everything is vibration

Einstein taught us that.

Illness is low vibration. Health is high vibration.
Fear is the lowest vibration. Love is the highest vibration.

Media reporters that propagate fear are collectively lowering our vibration. On the other hand, Ellen DeGeneres' comment 'fill the room with love because that's what everyone needs' is the type of comment that collectively raises our vibration.

If humanity is to survive and thrive in these times, we all need to learn to identify the vibration that we choose to vibrate at (and yes it is a choice). The world around us matches the collective vibration, so, 'be the change....'

Some people are still unaware that they have the power to change the way they're feeling.
Once you're aware of a low vibration state (that is compromising your health) there are many ways to raise your vibration. Simply choose one and apply it.

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