Natural Health Care

Specializing in stress, anxiety & depression

1-hr Holistic Healing 

For healing physical, mental & emotional issues.  Your session can help you find deep relaxation, healing, clarity and direction.

Perfect for: Physical healing, stress reduction & relaxation.

2-hr Intensive Healing

A longer session is needed when dealing with complex emotional issues that require counsel, followed by energy re-balancing.

Perfect for:  Complex issues, emotional healing and clearing, guidance & direction, finding balance.

Distance Healing

If you can't get to the Healing Centre, wherever you are in the world, healing energy will find you. I connect with you energetically and email my findings.  A phone call may be needed during the session.

Perfect for:  A new perspective, clarity on your next step, guidance & direction, clearing energy.

Helping you find SOLUTIONS



Debra Jones, known as 'The Healer's Healer,' is an award-winning Alternative Healing Professional. 

Author of THE SUCCESSFUL HEALER, the featured Reiki Master in THE WELLNESS STORY documentary and owner of a successful wellness centre, teaching certification classes and mentoring healers.

A skilled therapist, and trusted advisor, she is the bridge to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be.


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by Debra Jones




'Thank you is hardly enough to properly thank you for all your guidance in the past year and for helping me see things through another set of eyes. BM

'Debra Jones is a Teacher and Healer. Debra was able to put me back on track and open my eyes to my truths.  Her ability to connect with me through my spiritual journey was nothing short of miraculous. I can attest to her good works and the trust she offered me in order to believe that I could "run" down my life path toward love, faith and hope. SB

'My session with Debra Jones, was very accurate and powerful.  It confirmed where I am at, and where I need to focus to improve to be the best I can be.'  PB

'Debra is a fabulous practitioner who can help you affect amazing changes.' KS

'I feel really sure-footed about my goals.... You gave me awareness and understanding as to why I feel I must be ready, and to stay on the path I've chosen." Thanks again.' CR

Assisting end of life transition...

'He felt very supported by the positive energy that you generated together.  You are a special and talented woman and we are happy our paths have connected.  Blessings!' GG