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Reiki Practitioner Certification

Reiki Level One $250 Details

Reiki level Two $350 Details

Reiki Master $650 Details

Chakra Healing Practitioner Certification

Chakra Healing Level One $250 Details

Chakra Healing Level Two $350  Details

Chakra Healing Level Three $450  COMING SOON! Details

Axiatonal Re-Alignment Practitioner/Teacher Certification

Workshop $350 Details

Munay-Ki Personal Evolution and Instructor Workshop

Foundation Rites

Lineage Rites

Transformation Rites

$150 per workshop or $395 all three


Debra Jones MHYB


'Debra's awesome! She really has a knack for helping you get a realistic view of where you're at and what you need to do next'


Make Healing Your Business

Have you ever considered running your OWN healing business, but felt that there were barriers in your way?  Make Healing Your Business is a NEW mentoring program that will help you launch, or refocus, your business.

Are you keeping your gifts inside you because you don’t know how to share them with the world? 

Why are you making the world wait?


This mentoring program has been carefully designed to honour your unique gifts and talents and will show you how to express them.

One-on-one sessions cover the basics of making a living from your gifts, how to tell the world that you offer these gifts and how to balance giving and receiving.

We’ll discover and resolve any blockages to your success, and learn how to set up, promote, succeed and grow your business.  


Using the model of my own successful healing business, I've taken my pitfalls and successes and created a way to share my knowledge with you.

Tailored to your own unique situation and needs, I offer assistance with starting and/or growing your business to overcoming barriers to success, including charging for your services, time management, bookkeeping, marketing (and much more).

You can learn, hands-on, how to easily create a simple (often FREE) website, business cards and other marketing tools, including social media, to attract and keep clients.

These personalized workshops EMPOWER YOU to reach your HIGHEST POTENTIAL!

$45/hr Details

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